Monday, March 4, 2013

Oh, Lets go back to the start.

One thing about blogs I love is that when you come back after ages and talk to it, there are no awkward silences. Lets go back to the start, literally.

Before I left 
Sometimes there are books that you just cannot finish. Sometimes because you don't want the book to finish. You don't want that world to end, you don't want that story to finish and you want those characters to keep on going with their lives. It seems so insanely real that for that period when you are reading the book you forget which one is your real word. But then there are book you cannot finish because they are too pathetic to read anymore. They seemed so promising but now they are just driving you nuts. And for such books its really hard to leave them and start with a new one because how can u leave a half read book. You started with hopes, some of which were met but still it turned out to be totally wrong. You will try and try to read it but you'll fail again and again. They are just not good enough. Its not that they aren't good enough, they are just not right for you.

I think its time to keep that book back and pick a new one.

Picked a new one finally. 


If you are reading this I hope you comment. :)