Wednesday, May 22, 2013

He asked me to dream.

When I couldn't sleep He asked me to dream. Dream about the place that would be perfect to call home. He asked me to dream about the man I would be pleased to kiss every night before I drift off the sleep and my dreamy world. And then the other who I would love to call mine. I wouldn't have to tolerate anything, everything will be imperfect in every way I wanted. And now dream about the colors that you would fill this place. And the melody that would play when you are happy there forever. No melody for the sadness would be known because sadness would be only in your dreams now because we only dream of things we don't get enough of. So dream about his smell that you can't get enough of. And now dream of the smiles of the people you are ready to live with forever in the place and now dream about living with them forever, staying there forever and never leaving. Some say its a cage but not for you. Its an escape for you.
So dream, dream to escape he said.