Friday, June 14, 2013

I know where I hide.

Why do you always draw only people and places? 
Have you ever had the fear of being alone? 

What makes you sad all the time? 
The fact that there is not one but so many reasons in this world to be sad about.  

What do we need? 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

He asked me to dream.

When I couldn't sleep He asked me to dream. Dream about the place that would be perfect to call home. He asked me to dream about the man I would be pleased to kiss every night before I drift off the sleep and my dreamy world. And then the other who I would love to call mine. I wouldn't have to tolerate anything, everything will be imperfect in every way I wanted. And now dream about the colors that you would fill this place. And the melody that would play when you are happy there forever. No melody for the sadness would be known because sadness would be only in your dreams now because we only dream of things we don't get enough of. So dream about his smell that you can't get enough of. And now dream of the smiles of the people you are ready to live with forever in the place and now dream about living with them forever, staying there forever and never leaving. Some say its a cage but not for you. Its an escape for you.
So dream, dream to escape he said.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Bus rides.

She wont stop fighting. She wont stop shouting. She was angry and frustrated. May be with her husband or may be her father. I will never know. But that's beauty of it. She might go back home and fight with her father. Her father might be one with a bad temper or may be won't care to even listen. But may be she goes back and finds that her husband cooked the dinner today.That her kids did their homework and she won't have to spend her evening yelling at them. That they did something to make her smile today.
From creepy guys trying to feel you up to Aunty ji with her hilarious laughter. 
Bus rides can be inspiring. Bus rides can tell thousand stories. 
I shall thank Bangalore for this. 

I love collecting those bus tickets. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Oh, Lets go back to the start.

One thing about blogs I love is that when you come back after ages and talk to it, there are no awkward silences. Lets go back to the start, literally.

Before I left 
Sometimes there are books that you just cannot finish. Sometimes because you don't want the book to finish. You don't want that world to end, you don't want that story to finish and you want those characters to keep on going with their lives. It seems so insanely real that for that period when you are reading the book you forget which one is your real word. But then there are book you cannot finish because they are too pathetic to read anymore. They seemed so promising but now they are just driving you nuts. And for such books its really hard to leave them and start with a new one because how can u leave a half read book. You started with hopes, some of which were met but still it turned out to be totally wrong. You will try and try to read it but you'll fail again and again. They are just not good enough. Its not that they aren't good enough, they are just not right for you.

I think its time to keep that book back and pick a new one.

Picked a new one finally.