Friday, March 8, 2013

Bus rides.

She wont stop fighting. She wont stop shouting. She was angry and frustrated. May be with her husband or may be her father. I will never know. But that's beauty of it. She might go back home and fight with her father. Her father might be one with a bad temper or may be won't care to even listen. But may be she goes back and finds that her husband cooked the dinner today.That her kids did their homework and she won't have to spend her evening yelling at them. That they did something to make her smile today.
From creepy guys trying to feel you up to Aunty ji with her hilarious laughter. 
Bus rides can be inspiring. Bus rides can tell thousand stories. 
I shall thank Bangalore for this. 

I love collecting those bus tickets. 


If you are reading this I hope you comment. :)